How does Ledula work for Service Providers?

Ledula allows your clients to recommend your business online to their friends by rating and commenting on your service and then  sharing your details with their Facebook friends. This means that Ledula gets your clients to spread your business via word-of-mouth - first to their friends, then their friends' friends, and eventually to your whole city.

Once one of your clients has added your details to the site and rated your service, you’ll immediately get a Ledula Free Profile.  You can then upgrade to a Premium Profile, which is the tool you can use to build a base of happy clients who will recommend your service to their friends.

Download our PDF Service Provider Brochure for more information about being a Ledula Service Provider: 
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Free vs Premium Profiles

Contact Details:  
Your Business Name
Contact Person
Tel 1. Work Phone Number
Tel 2. Cell Phone Number
Your Business Email address (for logged-in Ledula users only)
Your Business Website Address-
Rating Details:  
Green "Validated" flag
Rating Stars
Number of Ratings
Rating Comments (by logged-in Ledula users only)
Profile Details:  
Service Category (as selected by Service Provider)
1 Line description of service offering
Up to 3 Additional Categories-
Logo or Photos-
Services offered-
Terms and Pricing-
Specials and Discounts-
Portfolio of work-
Ratings posted of Members Facebook profile
Generic link to your Ledula profile page (e.g.
A company-specific link to your Ledula profile page-
Email notification every time your services are rated-
Priority in listings of "Suggested" providers-
Statistics on your account (Profile views and Facebook Shares)-
Ratings Widget (added to their site to show ratings by members)-
Business Cards  
Unlimted business cards-

Why become a Ledula Service Provider?

  • Ledula spreads your business via word-of-mouth - online. Besides having your clients share your service with their friends on Ledula, when someone rates or comments on your service, a post will be made to their Facebook timeline, so their Facebook friends will see your Ledula profile in their Facebook newsfeed.
  • Ledula brings you leads that will convert to clients. The people who come to you from Ledula will actually hire you because of their friends' recommendations, and won't simply waste your time asking for quotes without following up.
  • Ledula is not a listing site. Ledula doesn't simply list your contact details, but shows ratings and comments on your service by Ledula users, and allows them to share your details with their friends.
  • Ledula tells you what your customers think. edula shows you what your customers are saying about you through the ratings and the comments people have posted on your Ledula profile.
  • Ledula gives you an online presence. You can use your Ledula profile as your own website if you don’t have one, and if you do have a website, you can use our Testimonial Widget to show your best Ledula comments as testimonials on your site.

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