Frequently Asked Questions for Providers

What does it mean to be "Verified"?

Being “Verified” simply means that someone from Ledula has contacted you to confirm that your contact details are correct and up-to-date, and you have responded by giving your correct company name, telephone number and email address.

Providers who have been Verified have a "VERIFIED" stamp on their Ledula Profiles.

If you haven’t been Verified yet, send us an email at and we’ll give you a call to confirm your details.

Why do I need to be "Verified"?

It’s important that your contact details are verified so that your contact information is correct and up-to-date and members can reach you easily. Also, if you're verified, your Profile will show up in the list of Suggested Providers that we show to members who need a Provider in your category.

How do I get maximum value from Ledula?

  • Get your contact details Verified - make sure that we have your correct and up-to-date contact details so our users can get hold of you easily
  • Ask your new clients to rate your service by handing them your business card with the link to your Ledula profile on the back - that way, they can rate and comment on your service online.
  • Keep track of which clients have come from Ledula by offering a 10% discount on labour for the first job for people on Ledula. (This way, Ledula users will be even more likely to recommend you to their friends!)
  • Ask your existing customer base to rate your service - when someone rates or comments, Ledula posts to their Facebook timeline, so even more people see your profile!

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