Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a Service Provider?

Login using Facebook and open your address book. Click on the “Add Provider” tab on the far right and follow the instructions to add a provider. You can add multiple providers from that screen at the same time.

How do I add my friends to Ledula?

Send them an email with a link to - from there it will take less than a minute for them to register with their Facebook username. As soon as they have registered they will be able to see your address book because you are Facebook friends.

How do I rate or comment on a Service Provider?

Click on the stars that show a provider's current rating. You can add a new rating and comment on what the provider did for you and how you experienced their service.

How do I see my friends' ratings and comments on a Provider?

To see your friend's ratings and comments, as well as more information about a Ledula provider, simply click on the provider's name.

How do I get an existing Provider into My Providers?

To get one of your friends' providers into your personal providers, simply rate the provider's service by clicking on the stars next to their name.

How do I share my Providers with friends?

Find the provider you want to share and click the Share icon in the bottom right corner of the box. Choose to send the provider’s info via email or sms, type in your friend's contact details and customize the text of the message if you want to. Click "Share" to send.

What do I do if my friends don’t have Providers in a certain category?

You can:

  • Check your Friends' Friends' providers
  • Send out an SOS to your friends via Facebook to see if they know of anyone
  • Ask Ledula to Suggest a Provider rated by another Ledula user in your city
  • Try the Yellow Pages as a last resort, and don’t forget to add the provider to your address book once you've used them

Why does Ledula require me to log in using Facebook?

By logging into Ledula using Facebook, you give Ledula access to your Facebook friends, which means that Ledula can load all of your friends' providers into your address book. We are then also able to show you which of your Facebook friends have rated or commented on certain service providers.

Will Ledula ever post to my Facebook page?

Ledula will never post to your Facebook page without your express permission. Ledula allows you to send an SOS out to your Facebook friends if you can’t find providers in a certain category by posting an SOS on your Facebook profile with your permission. You can customize the text in this post if you want to.

What does Ledula mean?

Ledula means "home" in several African languages.

Can I use Ledula if you are not in my City?

Yes - even if Ledula is not yet supported in your city, you can still use the site to record your contacts in your address book and share them with your friends, although you may not find providers in all categories when you search for them. If you would like us to add your city please email us at

What is a Premium Provider?

A Premium Provider is a provider with a completed profile - when you click on their business card you can see details about the services that they offer and not just their contact details. Premium Providers generally have more ratings and often offer specials to Ledula members.

As a Service Provider how do I get listed on Ledula?

You can’t list yourself on Ledula because we only want service providers who have been recommended by the Ledula community. The easiest way to get listed is to get one of your existing customers to add you to their address book. Once you are listed be sure to look at our Service Providers page to get more information on how Ledula can assist you.

What does "verify" mean?

Once we've contacted a provider to be sure that their contact details are correct and up-to-date, we say they've been verified. We'll do this again every year to be sure that the details you load onto the site haven't changed, so you don't have to worry about updating them yourself. Once their details have been verified, you should see a "VERIFIED" stamp on the provider's business card.

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