Why use Ledula?

So why do we think Ledula is the easiest way to find service providers you can trust? Like we said, we show you the providers your friends trust, which means that you know that you can trust them too. Ledula allows you to:

  • Create an address book of the providers you have found most effective so you always have easy access to their contact details
  • See only providers used and rated by your friends, as opposed to the hundreds of unknown and unrated providers that you find on alternatives like the Yellow Pages and Assist247.
  • Find high-quality small-scale providers who don't have websites or hardly ever appear on the front page of Google searches
  • Find providers quicker by searching through shorter listings
  • Ensure the safety of your home and reduce the worry of having strangers in your house by only using providers that your friends know and trust
  • Rate, comment and share providers that you have used for the benefit of your friends
  • Find highly-rated service providers that your friends trust

Why friends' recommendations are powerful

So why do we think your friends are the key to finding the best home service providers? Simple: because you trust their recommendations (You know they wouldn't refer you to a plumber who’ll let you down). So your friends seem to us to be the obvious people to get recommendations from because:

  • They live in the same area as you - even in a big city your friends generally live close enough for you to use the same providers as them
  • You know your friends' houses - if your friend has a stunning garden and suggests the landscaper that they used, you already know the quality of their work
  • You know your friends' financial situations - you know that friends with similar lifestyles to you will recommend providers that are affordable and in your price range
  • Your friends will give you an honest rating - you know your friends so you can trust their ratings

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