What is Ledula?

Problem: The way we find home service providers today. You never know if the plumbers, painters and pool-pump repairmen you find on Google, in the Yellow Pages or on listing sites will be trustworthy (or even efficient!)
Obvious solution: Asking your friends for the plumbers, painters and pool-pump repairmen that they have used before. (Because you know you can trust the people they trust.)
Ledula's solution: Taking the concept of asking your friends for recommendations... and putting it online.

Meaning "home" in several African languages, Ledula is an online community that shows you the home service providers your friends trust. This means that you can find high-quality, trustworthy and efficient service providers that you know you can trust - because they've been recommended by your friends.

How does Ledula work?

Ledula uses Facebook to show you all of the service providers your Facebook friends have used. So by logging in using your Facebook profile, going into your Friends’ Ledula address books and picking a specific category, (say, Plumbing) Ledula will show you all the providers in that category that your Friends have used before. We’ll even show you what star-rating they gave the provider and the comments they made on their service. (This way, you can know exactly what you're getting from a provider BEFORE you hire them.)

Even if your friends don't have a provider in a certain category, you can check out your Friends' Friends' providers or our Suggested Providers that have been rated by someone in your city. But Ledula isn't just about your friends' providers - you can use Ledula as a nifty online way to store all of the providers you’ve used in the past. You can rate and comment on their service so your friends know what to expect when hiring them, and you can even share their details with your friends directly - through our email, sms and Facebook sharing features.

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