Supported Cities

Currently, Ledula works in the following cities:

    Why do some cities say partial?
    A city is no longer partial when it meets the following requirements:

    • We've found a significant group of rated service providers in the city
    • We've verified the providers' contact details and loaded extra details onto the website
    • You have access to providers in every category in your city, even if your friends or their friends don't have any in their address books

    When the city is no longer partial we will regularly verify the contact details of every service provider that you load into your address book to keep them updated.

    Even if Ledula isn't supported in your city yet, you can still use the site to record your contacts in your address book and share them with your friends, although you may not find providers in all categories when you search for them. If you would like us to add your city to Ledula please email us at info@ledula.com

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