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Ledula Explained

How does Ledula work?

Ledula works through Facebook and shows you all of the home service providers your Facebook friends have used. By logging in using your Facebook profile, you can access your Friends' Ledula address books and see the providers they have in whatever category you're looking for.

Ledula allows you to:

  • Store all of the providers you've used in the past by adding them to your Ledula address book
  • Choose a home service provider your friends trust
  • Rate and comment on a provider's service so your friends know what to expect when hiring them
  • Share a provider's details with your friends directly - through our email, sms and Facebook sharing features
  • See what star-rating your friends have given a provider
  • See the comments your friends have made on a provider's service
  • See your Friends' Friends' providers or Ledula's Suggested providers if your friends don't have the provider you're looking for

Don't have Facebook friends on Ledula yet? No problem! Click on the "Start Here" button and check out our Suggested Providers to find a rated provider in your city, or click a category below.

Why does Ledula exist?

Ledula is not just a business - it's a business with a purpose far more important than making money. We believe in small businesses as a critical way to address unemployment in South Africa. We want to do everything we can to support efficient and top-quality small and micro enterprises who have effective technical skills but lack the business skills they need to be successful in their industries. find out more >>

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